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Project notes
As someone who has been touched by mental illness in the lives of my family and friends and in my own life, I wanted to try and express what it's like to feel trapped inside the house, a prisoner of your own mind and emotions. The outside world seems untouchable and alien and we hide away surrounded by cold cups of tea and dirty washing up. We slink around in our pyjamas with unbrushed hair, lacking the energy to even clean our teeth. Colours seem muted, food seems bland and activities we once enjoyed become meaningless time-wasters.

I also want this project to bring hope. I know from my own experience that there's always an end to the darkest times; that eventually the sun does shine once again. That the girl curled up on the sofa will laugh for joy once more. I remember many years ago having been through an awful period of depression. One day I was sitting on a bench when it suddenly occurred to me that it had gone. Just like that. Without me doing anything. So if these images express how you feel now, take heart and press on because it won't be forever.

Shooting Information
All photos were taken with ShakeItPhoto, apart from the self-portraits which were taken on self-timer with Gorillacam and then run through ShakeItPhoto. The dymo labels were added with Labelbox and then the photos were processed with CrossProcess.

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