Standards are slipping...

December 16, 2011
I received an email from a primary school teacher today which made me fear for our nation’s children. The (fairly short) email, contained the following errors:

·         ‘Curricular’ spelt ‘Cuirricular’ (5 times – so clearly not a typo). To make things worse, this chap is actually the Extra Curricular Activities Coordinator!
·         ‘Primary’ spelt ‘Primay’
·         Schools used as a possessive singular with no apostrophe
·         ‘Possibilities’ spelt ‘possiabilities’
·         ‘Starting’ spelt ‘staring’
·         ‘Programme’ spelt ‘program’ (He wasn’t talking about computer software)
·         ‘Believe’ spelt ‘belive’
·         ‘Specific’ spelt ‘secific’

Olfaction Fascination

December 16, 2011
I've been thinking a lot recently about smells and more specifically about the power of smell to recall long-forgotten people and places from the distant past. We've probably all had the experience when we've been going about our daily lives when suddenly a scent will stop us in our tracks and we feel that we are once again in our grandmother's kitchen or walking through the school doors for the very first time. Smell can transport you back to the moment in a way that no other sense can and c...
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