People often ask ‘What's the best camera?’ or ‘Which camera should I buy?’ and my answer is always the same - it depends!

It totally depends on what you want to use it for. Someone might ask, ‘What’s the best car?’ but the answer will depend on whether you’ve got a family of 5 or you’re a single person on a tight budget, or whether you live in the city or countryside and so on. As the old saying goes, it really is horses for courses.

Before you head to the shops or the online reviews you need to have some idea of what it is you’re looking for. Asking yourself the right questions beforehand will mean you don’t end up buying something unsuitable or falling for a ‘special offer’ that doesn’t meet your needs.

I want to help you to answer the question - ‘What is the best camera?’ with this handy checklist of questions and comparison charts.

Download the printable checklist and comparison charts here.


[Originally published on the Teach Me Tech blog and reprinted here with permission]