1. It's immediate. The iPhone is always there for those moments when you would never have thought to bring a camera. It's great for exploring the everyday stuff of life. I tend not to use mine so much for holidays, big events, impressive sunsets or macro (that's when the dSLR comes out). I prefer to point my iPhone at the things that I notice on my way in to work - people on the bus, run-down shop windows, an interesting flight of stairs, an abstract pattern on the pavement...
  2. It's simple. The moment doesn't get lost while I fiddle with lots of settings like I would on my dSLR. I just point and shoot, concentrating on composition and timing - trying to capture shapes, colours, textures and expressions in a (hopefully) interesting way.
  3. It's unobtrusive. There are moments when it's not really appropriate to get out a huge dSLR with chunky lens. When trying to surrepticiously photograph strangers is a case in point. It's much easier to pretend to be making a call or checking email and point the iPhone casually their way for a candid shot. It can also make people feel more at ease even when they know you're taking their photo.
  4. It's creative. The iPhone is a fantastic photo editing tool and there's always more to discover as there are 1000s of photo editing apps to explore. (Check out my apps page for my favourites so far). I also like the fact that you can edit as you go and don't have to wait until you're sitting at your home computer to work on your images.
  5. It's cheap! Ignoring the initial cost of getting an iPhone (which isn't cheap), I like the fact that even the paid-for apps are cheap as chips (literally). I wish I could get exciting new gear for my dSLR for 59p!
So those are my top five reasons for exploring iPhoneography. There are lots of other reasons to give it a go and I'm sure everyone has their own personal motivation. One of the main things is that it's fun - a lot of fun!