The artist Caroline Jaine has come up with a brilliant idea for an art exhibition. 'Twelegram' is a display of messages sent in by Twitter users from all over the world using the hashtag #twelegram. Caroline has made these messages into printed telegrams which are being displayed at Cobbles Yard Post Office in Cambridge from 4th - 20th October 2012.

I was very excited when Caroline tweeted me to say that my twelegram was going to be featured in the exhibition! Here it is in all its glory:

Caroline explains more about her motivation for putting on the exhibition:  
The hand delivered telegram was last used in the UK in 1981. For over a century the telegram provided a physical, aesthetic experience by way of a message that could be held in the hand. Like the telegram, the micro-blogging site Twitter is used both formally and informally, and is restricted by word count – which for both has resulted in the development of an abbreviated language. Telegrams were only ever intended for a single recipient – whereas new technology allows people to broadcast their messages to thousands.
By displaying Twelegrams the artist hopes to bridge the gap between the virtual and the real – and bring an off-line, in-person audience to Twitter users – but also an awareness to digitalised communities of the meaning of real-life messages.
Find out more abut Caroline Jaine and her work on her website.

Twelegram is part of Text&Context - an innovative exhibition featuring 25 local, national and international artists bringing art into the public domain. The show explores the relationship between art, language and location through a series of encounters across the city of Cambridge, including live performance postcards, neon signs, social media and even bicycles.

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