Being a visual person, I find it much easier to take in information if it's presented in graphical form. Here are my current favourite infographics.

Photographers’ Rights in the UK
A concise summary of your rights as a photographer, with a printable PDF that you can carry round with you.
Time Travel in Popular Film and TV
A swirling mass of temporal travels and paradoxes!
Hierarchy of digital distractions
Find out what it is that’s stopping you getting your work done.
Colours in culture
A fascinating insight into what colours signify in cultures round the world.
How much CO2 is created by…
A good excuse not to do any ironing or hoovering ‘for the sake of the planet’…
Streamlining your digital life
Why carry around loads of gadgets when one expensive one will do?
Gameboy timeline
Did you know that Nintendo was founded to make playing cards?
History of social media
Anyone remember GeoCities?
The world without Apple
Interesting timeline of Apple products.
The underground underground
How much of the underground is actually underground?
The world as a tube map
Another twist on the tube map format, this time encompassing the whole world.
8 commonly misused words
Yes, compliment / complement and less / fewer are there.
Periodic table of typefaces
Picturing a lifetime of clean water access
An interactive infographic demonstrating the impact clean water has on the lives of those in the developing world.
White van man
How many white vans would you need to move a billion cheesy Wotsits?