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Teach Me Tech launches

Posted by Anne Witton on Monday, April 15, 2013, In : Technology 
I've been a bit quiet on the blog front recently because I've been busy setting up my new business which has now launched.

Teach Me Tech provides personal, tailored computer and technology tuition in your home so that you can learn exactly what you want at your own pace. Have a look at the website to find out more about all the services offered:

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Photography Briefing

Posted by Anne Witton on Monday, April 2, 2012, In : Photography resources 

Many of you will know that I work for Voluntary Arts England, which aims to promote participation in the arts and crafts across the country. As an organisation, we publish free Briefings on a whole range of subjects designed to help people who run amateur arts groups. I have just written a Briefing on photography which I hope will be useful to many different people and groups, not just those involved in the amateur arts. It covers:
  • Taking good photos (equipment, preparation and composition)
  • Pho...

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Top 10 Podcasts

Posted by Anne Witton on Friday, January 20, 2012, In : Talks and podcasts 
My 5-year-old iPod is still going strong and loaded up with podcasts. Here's what I'm enjoying at the moment.

(1) Answer Me This
Irreverent, sometimes rude but always hilarious. Helen and Olly answer listeners’ questions, ably assisted by Martin The Sound Man. You can also buy an array of Answer Me This merchandise - I forked out 50p for a badge!
Typical subjects - Make-up for men, lobsters, 15 - 1, lightbulbs.
Length - Approx 30 mins
Format - Audio
(2) Thinking Allowed
Laurie Taylor chairs discus...
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Do we trust in expensive gear too much?

Posted by Anne Witton on Thursday, August 4, 2011, In : Ramblings 
Photography can be a very expensive hobby, not least because there are always new cameras, lenses, tripods, backpacks and other accessories that we are convinced we need. It's very easy to get sucked into the upgrading rat race and spend more time poring over tech catalogues than we actually do taking photos.

One of the things I like about iPhone photography is that your options are limited. Often, to get your composition right you need to physically MOVE, not just lazily zoom. It forces you t...
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