My 5-year-old iPod is still going strong and loaded up with podcasts. Here's what I'm enjoying at the moment.

(1) Answer Me This
Irreverent, sometimes rude but always hilarious. Helen and Olly answer listeners’ questions, ably assisted by Martin The Sound Man. You can also buy an array of Answer Me This merchandise - I forked out 50p for a badge!
Typical subjects - Make-up for men, lobsters, 15 - 1, lightbulbs.
Length - Approx 30 mins
Format - Audio
(2) Thinking Allowed
Laurie Taylor chairs discussions and interviews on various topical and moral issues.
Typical subjects - Trust, suburbia, tipping points, culture
Length - Approx 30 mins
Format - Audio

(3) Before and After: How to design cool stuff
Quick design tips from Before and After magazine
Typical subjects - Photo cropping, designing a second page, logos, typeography
Length - Approx 1.30m - 3 mins
Format - Video

(4) Click
BBC technology podcast focussing on how digital technology affects out lives. Presented by Gareth Mitchell (@GarethM) and Bill Thompson (@billt)
Typical subjects - Privacy online, smart cities, social networks, robots
Length - Approx 25 - 35 mins
Format - Audio

(5) The Sound of The Ladies
The podcast features a complete song each month from The Sound of The Ladies (aka Martin The Soundman of Answer Me This fame).
Typical subjects - Songs, science
Length - Approx 4 - 10 mins
Format - Audio

(6) Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
Episodes of The News Quiz hosted by Sandi Toksvig and the Now Show hosted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis (With occasional episodes of Just A Minute).
Typical subjects - Rail fares, politicians, breast enhancements, the Olympics
Length - Approx 30 - 40 mins
Format - Audio

(7) Philosophy Bites
David Edmunds and Nigel Warburton interview leading thinkers on a wide range of philosophical issues.
Typical subjects - Consequentialism, Plato, personal identity, time
Length - Approx 15 - 20 mins
Format - Audio

(8) PodQuiz weekly trivia quiz
A weekly 20 question trivia quiz hosted by a man with a very nice voice.
Typical subjects - Music, famous people, the natural world, food & drink
Length - Approx 13 - 18 mins
Format - Audio

(9) Stuff From The Future
Short videos exploring some of the challenges and opportunities of life in the future. 
Typical subjects - Street fashion, personal communication, families, cyborgs
Length - Approx 2 - 5 mins
Format - Video

(10) TechStuff
A mixture of histories of companies (Apple, Facebook, Sega, Google), exploring how tech works (thermostats, metal detectors, cash machines) and looking at innovations.
Typical subjects - The internet, social networks, tech companies, gadgets
Length - Approx 30 - 50 mins
Format - Audio