I was wondering the other day why there are and hardly any programmes about photography on TV. With the exception of an excellent series that the BBC did called The Genius of Photography (in 2007 mind you!), I don't think I've seen any programmes about photography on mainstream TV.* This seems odd given that photography is a hugely popular hobby for so many people and the market is positively booming in all other areas (web, social networks, mobile apps, magazines, books and photo gear & accessories).

Manufacturers of photography equipment are obviously aware that there are plenty of photographers with cash to spend watching the TV as there are numerous adverts for equipment from the likes of Nikon (think irritating Robbie Williams advert), Canon, Sony etc.screened in prime time slots.

So why so few photography programmes? Surely it can't be lack of demand. And surely all this advertising of photographic and video equipment would reap a greater return on investment if it was placed within programmes that photographers were guaranteed to be watching.

Maybe it's just that people want escapism when they watch TV and so would rather look online for more 'instructional' material. But this doesn't seem to ring true either. There are loads of programmes devoted to other hobbies and 'lifestyle' subjects, most notably cookery, gardening and DIY. In fact, there are whole channels just showing back-to-back cookery shows. So why can't there be a photography channel with programmes on famous photographers; workshops exploring different techniques; Photoshop and editing advice; Gear review shows; Photography challenges...? I would definitely tune in!

* I believe there was a programme called 'How to take stunning pictures' on Channel 5 last year, but I didn't know about this until I Googled 'Photography TV' just now! Still, one programme every 3 years or so isn't really enough now is it?