Many of you will know that I work for Voluntary Arts England, which aims to promote participation in the arts and crafts across the country. As an organisation, we publish free Briefings on a whole range of subjects designed to help people who run amateur arts groups. I have just written a Briefing on photography which I hope will be useful to many different people and groups, not just those involved in the amateur arts. It covers:
  • Taking good photos (equipment, preparation and composition)
  • Photo editing (web based tools and software downloads, editing tips)
  • Storage and organisation (software and online services to help you catalogue photos)
  • Types of image file and sizes (explanations of resolution and image size)
  • Permissions, copyright and Creative Commons
  • Further resources (lots of useful links)
Download the Photography Briefing (PDF)

You can see the complete range of Voluntary Arts Briefings on the website.