Today David Cameron will officially launch a new website called ParentPort to enable parents to complain about suggestive TV shows, adverts and music videos. The site is a one-stop complaints centre for people to lodge concerns about all kinds of inappropriate material and have their voices heard by industry regulators. According to Reg Bailey of the Mothers’ Union:

“This will be one place where parents can make their voices heard and tell businesses and broadcasters if they feel they have overstepped the line in what is appropriate for children. Parents told me that they often didn't know who to complain to or whether anything would be done as a result of their complaint. Parents are the best judges of what is acceptable for children so it's important we all take their views more seriously.”

Whilst I agree with (most of) the sentiments expressed and think that ParentPort will be a useful tool, I’m disappointed by the implication that only parents are concerned about these issues or have anything valuable to say. What about aunties and uncles, youth workers, Godparents, carers and friends? There are plenty of people who aren’t parents themselves who are concerned about the moral fabric of society and especially about the over sexualisation of children. On the actual ParentPort website, the copy is pitched at ‘parents, guardians or carers’ – none of which I am – and yet I would like to express my views to the UK’s media regulators and be taken seriously.

I have a lovely niece called Hazel, who I am also Godmother to, and I don’t take my responsibility for her welfare lightly. I try to be a good role model, to educate her and encourage her and counter the harmful messages that society sometimes inflicts upon youngsters. I take an interest in the wellbeing of my friends’ children and the children at church and help to support their development as they grow up. And I might occassionally use the ParentPort website to report material that is unsuitable for the nation’s children – I just hope that they don’t expect me to provide proof that I have offspring of my own!