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Top 10 Podcasts

Posted by Anne Witton on Friday, January 20, 2012, In : Talks and podcasts 
My 5-year-old iPod is still going strong and loaded up with podcasts. Here's what I'm enjoying at the moment.

(1) Answer Me This
Irreverent, sometimes rude but always hilarious. Helen and Olly answer listeners’ questions, ably assisted by Martin The Sound Man. You can also buy an array of Answer Me This merchandise - I forked out 50p for a badge!
Typical subjects - Make-up for men, lobsters, 15 - 1, lightbulbs.
Length - Approx 30 mins
Format - Audio
(2) Thinking Allowed
Laurie Taylor chairs discus...
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Book Review: Just My Type

Posted by Anne Witton on Friday, January 13, 2012, In : Book and magazine reviews 

Just My Type: A book about fonts by Simon Garfield

This was a Christmas present from my Mum and Dad who are obviously well aware of my geeky tendencies. It's actually a lot less geeky than it sounds, though, and would appeal to anyone who has an interest in design and an eye for stylish (or ugly) type and what it says about us.

Rather than being simply a chronological rundown of the history of type design, the book takes a much more anecdotal approach making it easy to dip in and out. There are...

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New Project: Postcards From Scarborough

Posted by Anne Witton on Friday, January 6, 2012, In : Project 
Does the idyllic British seaside of 1970s childhood holidays still exist? Find out whether I was disappointed or delighted when I re-visited Scarborough armed with my iPhone and a head full of happy memories.

View the Postcards From Scarborough project here.

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Childhood Fears

Posted by Anne Witton on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, In : Ramblings 

    I just had a flashback to when I was a child and I was scared of the following things:

  • A particular picture of Pinocchio's nose in one of my books
  • Those wooden toilet seats that don't join up properly in the middle (was the school too poor to put a seat all the way round?!)
  • The blue tiles at the bottom of the swimming pool (I used to tread water for ages for fear of stepping on them)
  • The crooked spire in Chesterfield
  • Buttons (this is the only fear I've brought with me into adulthood. Don't ever te...

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