Magic Hour (£1.19)
Magic Hour on the App Store

It seems there's a new photography app on the App Store every 2 minutes and it's fair to say many of the offerings aren't that original. So the question is - what has Magic Hour got that the others haven't? Answer - a free filter market where you can upload filters you've created and download hundreds of filters created by others.

Magic Hour markets itself with the cute, if non-sensical, tagline, "for the person who is sensitive than anyone else" and it's all about capturing and sharing those 'daily moments'. The image capture within the app is pretty good, with 1-tap focus and 2-tap exposure. There are 40 pre-set filters which are nothing particularly special, but the fun is to be had by making your own filter.

Tools available include curves, saturation, brightness, contrast, vignettes, textures and frames to create a unique look. When you've made your filter, you can name it and upload it to the filter market and then sit back and wait for others to download it, which is great fun. I can't tell you how excited I was when I noticed that my 'High Flyer' filter had made it into the featured section and been downloaded 76 times!


Verdict: 4/5 - A cute, easy to use photo app that's a bit different from the usual offerings. Making and sharing your own filters is addictive!