I've lived in the North East for 14 years now and have discovered some great photo locations, from quiet beaches to impressive castles; from modern artworks to Roman forts. There are also plenty of places I'd still like to visit, some well-known, but many hidden gems as well.

I was frustrated at the lack of any websites that collated photo locations, and particularly noticed that it was very difficult to find precise locations for many of the spots I wanted to explore. I have added a 'Locations' page to this site with a Google map with as much detail as possible about the locations listed, including postcode / co-ordinates, descriptions, websites and Twitter links where possible.

This map is the result of much research and experience. Hopefully it will help you enjoy the many stunning photo opportunities the North East has to offer! If you find it useful, please share with others. If you've got any additions or amendments, do get in touch

View the photo location map here